Private intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatment

Our reproductive medicine clinic at University College Hospital can offer self-funded treatment for people who wish to have intrauterine insemination (IUI) as part of their fertility treatment.

IUI is a fertility treatment option where high-quality sperm is separated from sperm that is sluggish or non-moving and injected into the womb through the cervix.

This is a popular option if you would like to use donated sperm, and is often chosen by single women and women in a single-sex relationship who want to have a baby. However, this is also an option if you are a heterosexual couple trying for a baby and would like to use your own sperm.

You can choose to have private IUI treatment at UCLH if you are ineligible for treatment on the NHS or have already used your allocated NHS fertility treatment allowance.

Patient satisfaction for our IUI service is exceptionally high. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Association (HFEA) have rated us one of the best IUI clinics in London, giving our service at University College Hospital a score of 5/5. Patients responding to the HFEA’s survey have also given our service top marks.

Our pregnancy and birth success rates are in line with the national average for IUI treatment across all age groups.

For the most up-to-date information please visit the HFEA website

Our team of expert IUI consultants and nursing staff are on hand to support you every step of the way. We appreciate the emotional impact fertility treatment can have on a family and our in-house counsellor will be available to support you through your IUI treatment.

One of the most likely questions you will have is how much does IUI treatment cost?

You can be reassured that our private IUI treatment has been competitively priced for you. We also offer a transparent pricing structure, so that you should not be faced with any hidden charges. Any potential additional costs will be discussed with you by your fertility consultant before treatment takes place.

Please note that there will be a separate cost associated with the use of donor sperm as we need to obtain this from a recognised sperm bank.




Medical Consultation 


One cycle of IUI


Three cycles (package) of IUI 


HyCoSy (tubal patency scan) 


Storage of sperm for one year 



If you decide to go ahead with the treatment, we will organise an initial consultation with one of our doctors, and this will be followed by relevant investigations and implications counselling session if you are using donor sperm. Once the investigations have been completed and a treatment plan made, you will see one of our clinical nurse specialists to start treatment. If you are using donor sperm, there will be additional costs associated with the procurement of donor sperm through the sperm bank.

For self-referring patients or couples, a medical consultation with one of our Consultants is advised to discuss the suitability of this particular treatment. Following this consultation, the next step may involve a tubal patency scan (HyCoSy). The storage fee includes the administration costs to transfer donor sperm to our andrology laboratory. Please note that these costs do not include the fees payable directly to the sperm bank regarding the donor sperm you have selected. Please also note that the costs above do not include the costs of any medication, which may be needed. If the treatment is cancelled before insemination due to the response of the ovaries (in cases of low response with no follicles or over-response with a high risk of multiple pregnancies) then a cancellation fee of £200 may apply.

At UCLH we work closely with carefully selected sperm banks for our IUI clinic. We are confident that these sperm banks are reliable, and that all donor sperm has been rigorously screened for any genetic concerns.

For further information about our selected sperm banks please visit:

London Sperm Bank (

European Sperm Bank (

Whilst we will ensure that you have all the time you need personally before you undertake your IUI journey, once you have made the decision to proceed, there is no waiting time for sperm donations, and your treatment will proceed swiftly.

As part of your fertility treatment, it is possible that you will need to make multiple trips to see us, sometimes at short notice. Our IUI clinic in the Reproductive Medicine Unit at University College Hospital, London, makes the journey as straightforward as possible, with multiple tube, bus and rail links in close proximity to our hospital.

To enquire about our private healthcare services, including referrals and prices, please email us at, phone us on 020 3448 4260 or complete our online form.