Professional background

Dr Wilson is a senior consultant neurologist who joined the MS team at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in 2020, after working as a general neurologist and MS specialist at the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust for 16 years. She has experience in managing all aspects of Multiple Sclerosis including all of the licensed disease-modifying therapies, and is committed to MS service development and optimisation.

She graduated from Guy's Hospital Medical School in 1990 and undertook her Neurology specialist training in London (King's College Hospital, NHNN and the Royal Free Hospital). She has a PhD in Neuro-immunology from Cambridge University and has an ongoing interest in the immunopathology of MS. She is nationally recognised in the field of MS and reglarly speaks on the topic at national and local levels.

Research interests

  • Repair and remyelination mechanisms in MS
  • Immunopathology of MS
  • Neuro-pharmacology.


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