Tumours that grow in the base of the skull can be some of the most challenging to treat, owing to their close proximity to critical nerves and blood vessels in the brain, neck and spinal cord.

However, our specialist ENT and skull base consultants at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Queen Square offer a comprehensive, state-of-the art service to support you if have a neurological problem related to the ear and skull base, making sure your treatment is as effective yet safe as possible.

We are able to treat conditions including:

•       Benign brain tumours including meningiomas and haemangioblastomas

•       Tumours in the pituitary gland

•       Acoustic neuromas / vestibular schwannoma (tumours in the inner ear)

•       Nerve sheath tumours

•       Neuroendocrine tumours (paragangliomas)

•       Cancer of the spine (chordomas)

•       Tumours around the eye

•       Skin tumours

•       Malignant (cancerous) tumours

Our pioneering consultant-led service in Queen Square uses the safest and most up-to-date surgical treatment options, including new minimally-invasive surgical techniques and Gamma Knife radiosurgery.

A multidisciplinary approach to your care

Your care will be overseen by our multidisciplinary team to make sure you have a comprehensive treatment plan with input from specialists in the fields of neuro-otology, radiation oncology, neurosurgery, medical oncology, pathology and therapy. This approach means that your care and rehabilitation is considered from all angles, giving you the best possible chance of a successful outcome and recovery.