UCLH Private Healthcare’s neurovascular service comprises any condition involving the blood vessels in the brain or spine. This includes aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), cavernomas, dural arteriovenous fistulas, and occasionally, blood clots in the brain. 

When considering the best treatment for neurovascular patients, we will look at all options, from conservative management and including endovascular treatments, surgery and where applicable gamma knife. We have experienced experts in all of these sub-speciality areas. 

Conservative management 

With a conservative management plan, your condition will be regularly reviewed through scans to ensure that your lesion is not growing at a rate that may cause concern. For many people, this is the most appropriate treatment option. 

Endovascular treatment 

Some neurovascular conditions are best treated via endovascular procedures, which involves treatment with a thin tube that is navigated through the blood vessels into the affected abnormal vessels in the brain. For example, embolization (or “gluing”) is a treatment option that blocks abnormal blood vessels. This can be suitable for treating certain aneurysms, dural arteriovenous fistulas, or AVMs, depending on their size and location. 

Neurovascular surgery 

If neurovascular surgery is the most appropriate treatment option for you, the complexity of the surgery will vary depending on the location of your lesion. Those on the brain's surface are more accessible to the surgeon, whereas those deeper inside the brain make surgery more complex and challenging. The team will assess your lesion and discuss all relevant treatment options. 

Experts in neurovascular surgery 

At UCLH Private Healthcare, our neurovascular surgeons are among the most experienced neurosurgeons in the UK. Working together with our wider clinical team they form one of the most well-established and expert neurosurgical teams in the country. Your case will be reviewed by a multidisciplinary team of experts to ensure that the most appropriate treatment option is recommended to you. 

In addition to providing a range of specialist neurosurgery at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, we also have experts in gamma knife surgery; a minimally-invasive surgical option that can be a potential treatment for AVMs. Our hospital currently delivers half of all NHS gamma knife treatments in the UK and has some of the most skilled gamma knife surgeons in the country. 

High level care after surgery 

Post-surgery, you will stay on our recently refurbished private Bloomsbury Ward. With 24-hour in-house comprehensive on-call team, and regular reviews with your consultant. You will benefit from the high levels of round-the-clock care you would expect from an NHS hospital from the comfort of your private en suite room.  

Upon your return home from the hospital, you can be reassured that your chosen consultant will support you through your recovery with in-person or remote consultations, whichever is most appropriate or convenient.