“There was a lovely air of peace and tranquility which I really wasn’t expecting from a maternity ward”

Francesca White, Health & Beauty Editor at Large, Tatler Magazine

“We did so much research before we decided where we wanted to have our baby. We had already decided on University College Hospital because we knew it was a leading hospital for neonatal research, and we were reassured that all the medical facilities we might need were on site, but we didn’t immediately realise that UCLH also offered private maternity care. When we learned about The Fitzrovia Suite, we loved the idea that my partner, Niklas, could stay with us after the baby was born and that we would be able to have privacy as a new family.

“We were sent plenty of information about the private service, and we called the ward to find out a bit more. We ended up speaking to Nikki Lack, who then became our chosen consultant. She gave us so much time over the phone and even arranged for us all to meet in person while we were trying to choose whether to have private or NHS care, and she didn’t pressure us in either direction. Once we had chosen Nikki to be our obstetrician, she was always available for us whenever we had any questions. I had a very straightforward pregnancy, luckily, but she kept in touch throughout and made sure I had all the information I needed.

“I had booked a planned C-section, but my waters actually ended up breaking two weeks before my booked appointment. I called Nikki, and she told us to come straight in and she would be waiting for us.

Peace and tranquility

“Even though we arrived in the middle of the night I was struck by how calm, serene and super clean The Fitzrovia Suite was. There was a lovely air of peace and tranquility which I really wasn’t expecting from a maternity ward.

“Once our son was born without any further complications, we went back to the private ward. The midwives were all so empathetic and kind. We really came to depend on them all as we learned how to breastfeed, change and wash him.  When they could see we were particularly exhausted they even looked after him for a while so we could get some sleep.

A wonderful experience

“The moment that really stands out for me was when they noticed that he was jaundiced. This was in the early hours of the morning, but they were so responsive. They arranged for tests and treatment straight away. We never once felt we were being too demanding. In fact, I cried as I left hospital – it had been such a wonderful experience.

“I have already said to my friends that I would come back to The Fitzrovia Suite tomorrow if I found out I was pregnant again. It almost felt like a holiday – it was such a nurturing environment at the very best time of our lives. The team there will always be an important part of our journey as a family.”