Please be aware that we are currently unable to offer private ENT services at UCLH.

We hope to be able to offer this service again in the future

Our private ENT team is able to manage all problems with the ear, nose, throat and balance, from the most straightforward disorders to the highly complex. We have specialists to support patients with the following ENT concerns:

  • Otology: ear disorders including hearing loss, discharge, tinnitus, balance and facial palsy
  • Rhinology: nose and sinus disorders including nasal blockage, allergy and facial pain
  • Laryngology: throat disorders including voice and swallowing problem and neck lumps
  • Facial-plastics: includes rhinoplasty
  • Audio vestibular medicine / balance problems
  • Audiology (hearing problems and hearing loss)
  • Sleep clinic

Our private ENT consultants are all leaders in their field and have a international reputations as experts in their specific areas of interest.

As ENT specialists, all our staff including nurses and anaesthetists are trained to deal specifically with ear, nose and throat problems.

Our allied health professionals, including speech and language therapists, audiologists and auditory therapists are also all highly skilled and specialised.

Many of our ENT team are trained in deaf awareness and British Sign Language to support patients with hearing difficulties.

UCLH has a pedigree of innovation within the field of ENT, through its association with University College London.

For example, at UCLH were the first in the world to look a new technique which can potentially regenerate hearing.

Our readmission rates for ENT treatments across UCLH are very low – we work hard to resolve your problem quickly and successfully.

As a private ENT patient your treatment will be based in the brand new Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospital in Huntley St, Bloomsbury, in the heart of the West End of London. This purpose-built hospital has been designed specifically to cater for patients with ENT and our clinics have been set up to make the process as straightforward as possible for you.

The hospital houses the very latest diagnostic and imaging technology to ensure a fast and accurate diagnosis of your ENT problem. This includes two new cone beam CT scanners, which deliver less radiation and give more detailed results, and a 3 Tesla MRI which gives the clearest possible images to assist with the accuracy of diagnosis.

The cost of your private ENT treatment will depend on the nature of your problem, as there are a number of variables that can affect the price.

However, our prices are competitive and we will provide you with a full quotation of costs on request.

To enquire about our private healthcare services, including referrals and prices, please email us at, phone us on 020 3448 4260 or use our chat function.