We understand that travelling abroad for medical treatment can be daunting, so making our hospitals feel a little more like home can make a real difference.

Our en suite private rooms have all the modern amenities you would expect in a private hospital. You will be able choose from a wide range of specialist catering options during your stay including vegan, vegetarian, halal and kosher meals.

For patients looking for spiritual support, our multi-faith chaplaincy team are available to visit on a one-to-one basis, providing a compassionate source of support for all. We also have multi-faith rooms on each hospital site.

We can also provide interpreting services on request for patients who may not have English as a first language.

Our international patient service includes:

  • Helpful administration teams to liaise with embassies and health offices, keeping them up-to-date with your treatment plans and progress
  • Advocacy services for Middle Eastern patients
  • Advice and support with payments and billing enquiries
  • Advice around places to stay and visit in London
  • Interpreter services.

We knowosama fallata.jpg the reassurance a familiar face can bring when you are hospital. So we have dedicated advocacy to help make the process as simple as possible.

Our advocate is available to help with the specific needs of our Middle Eastern patients seeking treatment in the UK as well as the wider needs of any family members travelling with you. We also liaise on your behalf with your sponsoring health office or embassy. From initial enquiry through to first consultations and follow up care plans, a member of our team will accompany you to your appointments and be on hand to help translate and answer any questions.

From the initial arrangements to appointments, treatment sessions and follow up care, our advocate can guide you throughout your treatment and stay. They can help you to understand your diagnosis and treatment, as well as provide local information on getting around London.