Consultant-led vaginal delivery Consultant-led caesarean section
Fitzrovia Suite package charges (excluding consultant and anaesthetist fees) £6,200 £7,750
Fitzrovia Suite booking appointment with midwife
Routine pre-admission blood tests
All routine inpatient drug charges
Theatre fees N/A
Consultant led baby check
Private midwifery care throughout postnatal stay
One night accommodation included
Accommodation for partner
Complementary meals for you and your partner
Celebration afternoon tea for two
Infant feeding support throughout your stay
Complementary gift on discharge


Additional charges

Extra night’s accommodation £1,100 per night
Induction of labour £400
Instrumental delivery £350
Epidural drugs (excludes anaesthetist fees) £260
Consultant fees Set by your chosen consultant
Anaesthetics fees Set by anaesthetist


Terms and conditions

Consultant and anaesthetic fees are separate from the hospital charges above and are priced and invoiced independently. Our prices are inclusive of any applicable VAT.

Please note: we cannot provide itemised billing for these packages. Prices are subject to change at any time. The price you will be charged is the price on the day of your admission, not the date you booked.

Our packages of care do not include:

  • Any antenatal care beyond the midwifery appointment(s) included in the package
  • Professional fees for obstetric/ anaesthetic services
  • Blood transfusions, diagnostic tests and injections not specified in the package
  • Non-routine take-home medication
  • Additional guest meals (excluding the package inclusions overleaf)


To secure your booking at the Fitzrovia Suite, we require a deposit of £7,300 (vaginal delivery bookings) and £8,850 (C-section delivery bookings) eight weeks ahead of your due-date.

We accept payment by BACS transfer or by all major credit or debit cards with the exception of American Express. After your discharge home, any credit remaining on your account will be returned to you via the original payment method.

In the event of cancellation we have discretion to charge a cancellation fee of £300.

Other additional charges

Additional charges are made if you require critical care. If your baby requires transitional or specialist care, this is free if they are entitled to NHS care.

Any unplanned additional interventions ordered by member of the clinical team will be charged separately.


If you are insured and your insurance company is paying your account, please contact them to confirm the terms of your cover and obtain a pre-authorisation number.

You must provide confirmation of cover prior to your admission. If confirmation is not provided within this period, you will be eligible to meet all charges.

Loyalty discount

For mothers who have previously had a baby with UCLH Private Healthcare, we are delighted to offer a 10 per cent reduction on the standard delivery packages. Please note these offers are not applicable to women who are covered by health insurance.

If you would like further information about these charges or to make a booking, please contact us at: 

Telephone: 07890 399059