Whether you are travelling for work, holiday or to visit your loved ones it is important to take steps to keep yourself well.

It can be particularly stressful if you are travelling with underlying health concerns, or when you are pregnant or have young children.

At the Hospital for Tropical Diseases we run a specialist travel health service catering for all your travel needs. We offer advice from experts in tropical and travel health, vaccinations, medication, blood tests prior to travel and also screening and reassurance on return from your trip.

Our travel clinic is a led by specialist health professionals, and you can choose to see a doctor or nurse, depending on the complexity of your health needs, making us one of the best travel clinics to choose if you have additional health problems.

We are able to give travel advice if you have a range of health conditions. We also recommended and administer vaccines and other medications related to travel health.

Our clinic can provide advice and travel health services for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, infants and older people. We also see patients who are immunosuppressed (for example, patients with HIV, cancer or sickle cell disease) and others with chronic health conditions including arthritis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease or allergies.

If you require specialist medical advice related to your travel, you can arrange to see one of our consultants who are specialists in tropical diseases.

Our travel clinic provides a range of private services for you including:

  • Clinical travel advice
  • Anti-malarial medication
  • Vaccines
  • A range or vaccine levels and immune tests
  • Altitude medication (not suitable for pregnant women or children)
  • Private prescriptions
  • Post-tropical screening review and tests
  • Travel related products (e.g. mosquito repellents and bed nets)

We understand that travelling when you are pregnant, breastfeeding or travelling with young children can be stressful.

Why visit a travel clinic when pregnant?

  • There are some vaccines you may not be able to have if you are pregnant.
  • Anyone pregnany, and children are at a higher risk of severe malaria. Malaria is very hard to diagnose during pregnancy.
  • Being infected with some mosquito-borne viruses can have implications in pregnancy and for conception, eg. Dengue virus, Zika virus
  • Comprehensive travel insurance is particularly important if you are pregnant and for your children.
  • Travel advice does not just consist of vaccines and anti-malarial tablets, there are many things to consider, e.g. Road safety, equipment (car seats), drowning risk, managing illnesses including fever and diarrhoea, bite avoidance and proximity to good healthcare facilities.
  • Understanding your proximity to high quality obstetric care is imperative before travelling in pregnancy.
  • We can offer tailor-made travel advice foy anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding, new parents travelling with infants or those planning to conceive including:
  • Live vaccines (yellow fever, MMR) whilst pregnant/breastfeeding, or for infants/babies
  • Travelling to malaria/zika endemic areas when pregnant or planning to conceive
  • Equipment and advice to make travelling safer
  • Travel sickness and altitude advice
  • How to manage diarrhoeal illness, fever or exposure to animals

- Vaccines and anti-malarial advice for parents and children

If you have recently travelled back to the UK from abroad, and would like reassurance that you have a clean bill of health, we also offer a private post-tropical screening service for a range of infectious and tropical diseases.

You can contact us about any of our travel clinic services by calling the team directly on 020 3447 5999 or emailing uclh.htdtravelclinic@nhs.net. The clinic is open 09.00 – 17.00 Monday to Friday, and appointments must be booked in advance as we do not currently offer walk-in appointments.

The doctor-led service is only available on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Please note if you have a severe egg allergy and require a yellow fever vaccination, the full allergy testing and desensitisation service can take several weeks to organise. The yellow fever vaccination needs to be given 10 days prior to travel in order that the certificate is valid.

We currently charge £150 for a travel clinic appointment (pre-travel) with a consultant, or £50 for an appointment with one of our specialist nurses. A post-tropical screening consultation is available for £280 (prices correct as of January 2020). There are additional charges for tests, vaccines and any medications.

If you think you may be entitled to NHS treatment and have sufficient time before you travel to book an appointment, please visit the NHS travel clinic page.