Please note that this consultant does not offer direct consultations to patients. Other consultants may refer to them to seek their expertise in your treatment.

Professional background

  • Trained in radiology at UCH/Middlesex. 
  • 1994 MD thesis on image guided liver tumour laser ablation. 
  • 1996-2002 consultant radiologist at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. Abdominal and GI/luminal imaging, and set up endoscopic ultrasound service. 
  • Since 2002 consultant radiologist at UCLH. Lead radiologist for HPB and abdominal sarcoma imaging.  
  • Editorial Board for British Journal of Radiology and 
  • Lecturer on HPB imaging, GI stromal tumours, US/MRI Crohn's disease, endoscopic ultrasound.

Research interests

  • Hepatobiliary and pancreatic imaging and intervention
  • Abdominal and GI imaging
  • Abdominal sarcomas
  • Abdominal biopsies and drains, radiological gastrostomies


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