When you choose to have private healthcare at UCLH you’ll be choosing world-class care in highly specialist NHS hospitals with all the benefits you would expect from any private hospital in London.

We are part of University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH), an internationally-recognised hospital group renowned for high quality specialist patient care, education and research.

At the heart of our service, all our private treatment options are based on the latest clinical evidence and subject to the stringent clinical guidelines and oversight you should expect from a leading NHS hospital group.

Many consultants hold dual clinical and academic contracts with UCLH and University College London (UCL) which supports the rapid translation of evidence-based research into clinical practice. The high degree of specialism and complex work across the Trust also attracts world-class specialist consultants, nurses, and allied health professionals to the workforce, which then supports the development of highly expert teams.

In partnership with University College London (UCL), UCLH is one of the UK’s five comprehensive biomedical research centres and is also a member of UCL Partners, which brings together some of the UK's world-renowned medical research centres and hospitals to look at new approaches to treatment and care.

As we are a tertiary centre for many conditions (meaning we receive referrals from other hospitals for very specialist conditions and services), UCLH Private Healthcare consultants are supported by a team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals with highly specialised skill sets.

For example, at the Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery the team includes specialist radiographers, speech and language therapists and physiotherapists who are all highly skilled in pre- and post-operative care for patients with neurological conditions.

Within the team there are also sub-specialists from healthcare assistant through to consultant for every neurological condition, from epilepsy to stroke recovery. Our patients also benefit from our team’s advanced diagnostic expertise around neurological conditions, from neuroradiologists to pathologists to neurophysiologists, and a dedicated neurological intensive care team.

This level of specialism means that you can expect an exceptionally high level of holistic care tailored to support your condition and recovery, and this is also replicated across our other specialist services.

UCLH Private Healthcare patients have access to the high-level backup support you can expect of a large NHS hospital in London with a full accident and emergency department, including intensive care or high dependency units, making it one of the safest environments for private care.

You can also be reassured that there will be medical support on site at all times, at an appropriate specialty level.

Our hospitals are among the most modern estates in London, and indeed, through the whole of the NHS. A multi billion pound estates investment programme has taken place over the last twenty years, which most recently has included the opening of two brand new facilities: the new Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals (2020), and The Grafton Way Building which houses its cancer services (2022). In 2021 and 2022, The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery was voted as one of Newsweek's Top Specialist Hospitals of the Year.

Our en suite private rooms have all the modern amenities you would expect of a private hospital in London. You will also be able choose from a wide range of specialist catering options during your stay including vegan, vegetarian, halal and kosher meals.

We also offer a full translation and advocacy service for our Middle Eastern patients, and interpreting services are available on request for other patients who may not have English as a first language.

All profits from our hospital-run private healthcare services are reinvested back into the wider organisation, which helps to develop innovative services and better healthcare for all patients, whether private or NHS.

To enquire about our private healthcare services, including referrals and prices, please email us at uclh.private.enquiries@nhs.net, phone us on 020 3448 4260 or complete our online form.