Professional background

Dr Adams trained in medicine and neuroscience at Cambridge University, and completed his clinical training at University College London.

Dr Adams has been a consultant general adult psychiatrist since 2017, and has worked as a doctor in the NHS since 2004. He has worked in a range of NHS services, including outpatient and inpatient general adult psychiatry, neurodevelopmental disorders, neuropsychiatry, older adult psychiatry and forensic psychiatry.

He has specialist clinical (and research) interests in psychosis and neuropsychiatry, and has a weekly clinic in the Camden Early Intervention in Psychosis NHS service, where he is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of young people with possible psychotic disorders.

He also works in a clinic in the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, a tertiary referral centre for neuropsychiatric disorders (e.g. complex neurodevelopmental disorders, rare causes of psychosis, mood disorders in the context of neurological conditions, and functional neurological symptoms).

He has membership of both the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Royal College of Physicians, meaning he has both psychiatric and also general medical expertise. He is an approved clinician under section 12 of the Mental Health Act.

Research interests

Dr Adams obtained a PhD in the use of computational models to understand the neurobiology of psychosis and functional symptoms in 2014, from UCL. He has been active in research at UCL since then, publishing over 55 research papers and 7 book chapters, and is currently a future leaders fellow.

His laboratory focuses on using computational models of both mental symptoms and brain imaging data to understand the cognitive processes underlying those symptoms, and the altered neurobiology underlying changes in brain imaging data, in mental health disorders. The aim of this approach is to develop new treatments and diagnostic methods for psychiatry.


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