Professional background

Professor John Duncan qualified from Oxford University Medical School with BM BCh in 1979, MA in 1980, DM in 1988. 

He was elected FRCP (Fellowship of the Royal Society of Physicians) in 1994 and FMedSci in 2005. Since July 1989,he has been a consultant neurologist, with a particular interest in epilepsy, to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, and the National Society for Epilepsy. In this role, he has approximately 2,000 patients under his clinical review.

He is an National Institute of Health and Care Research senior Investigator and has previously been medical director of The Epilepsy Society, clinical director of the Queen Square Division of UCLH, and president of the UK Chapter of The International League against Epilepsy. 

Research interests

Epilepsy and brain imaging


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