Professional background

Dr Sallie Baxendale is professor of clinical neuropsychology at the UCL, Queen Square, Institute of Neurology.

She has over three decades of clinical experience working with people with epilepsy in London and Oxford and is the current chair of the International League Against Epilepsy Diagnostic Methods Commission. She serves on the Board of Governors for the International Neuropsychological Society. She specialises in the neuropsychological assessment of cognitive and behavioural difficulties in epilepsy and non pharmacological interventions for the condition.

Research interests

Professor Baxendale’s research interests ranges from studies of the neural substrate of memory to explorations of the ways in which the stigma associated with epilepsy is perpetuated in the media. She was awarded the Arthur Benton Prize for her clinical and research contributions to epilepsy in 2018.


Professor Baxendale has over 180 publications in epilepsy, including books, book chapters and full research studies. See for the full list.